interesting people

Miss Melissa makes the best knitwear anywhere, and she can make it to order. The cardigan above is one of hers. You can find her on Etsy. She's also a musician, playing various instruments and singing beautifully.


Jessica is a visual artist in Oklahoma whom I support on PatreonYou can find her work on Society 6.


Z is a true creative --she writes and draws and is remarkably prolific. You can support her by buying her books, either through her website or Amazon, or you can support her school visits through Patreon.


Another supercreative, Lisa has written a couple of books now and has illustrated one. You can find her work through Amazon or through her publisher, Moran Press (which has other excellent authors represented, too).


Kiz is another supercreative, with her drawing and writing and sewing and crocheting and occasional tattoo creation. You can support her through Red Bubble and she is fantastic on both Twitter and Instagram.