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Emerging now, the mewling ferns;

New life determinedly returns --


It builds upon what came before.

It makes its entrance, brave and small,

When more comes from what is no more

And answers the eternal call.


The beetles crawl; the saplings grow;

The mosses hide from dappled light;

The woodpecker, the clever crow --

They stop to visit, then take flight.


The mighty tree will still abide

From where its boughs and branches lay;

Immortal cedar, glorified,

In life's continuing display.

The giant cedar passed away;

The mighty tree has sadly died.

It crashed to ground last Saturday --

The trunk had rotted from inside.


It stood one hundred feet in height.

It fell one hundred feet below,

Succumbing to internal blight --

But why it died, we'll never know.


Once a cedar, straight and tall;

Its corpse now lines the forest floor.

Oh, how the mighty giants fall

When old and rotted at the core!


This fate befalls all gymnosperms,

Becoming fodder for the worms.