that's rich

Adrienne wrote

That lies are harmful:

Lies of convenience,

Lies of expedience,

Lies of silence,

Devious lies,

Envious lies,

Little white lies,

Great big whoppers of lies,

Painted-on smiles of lies,

Lies that glow in the gaslight,

Lies that compromise truth,

Lies about the weather

And where you have lived

And whom you have loved.


Adrienne wrote lies,

Because lies are harmless:

Convenience is easier;

Expedience, faster;

Silence is golden;

Devious means clever;

Envy is motivating;

White lies save heartache;

Whoppers entertain;

Smiles are friendly;

Gaslight, romantic;

Truth is relative;

The weather is fine

And I did live there once

And it’s been over for ages.


I can honestly tell you,

A female poet is

Never to be trusted.